Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Feel Better About Yourself by Visiting an Extreme Makeover Dentist

It is this kind of mini-miracles that one can expect from an excellent extreme makeover dentist, like those who practice at Houston Smile Docs. These skilled dentists can perform a variety of orthodontic and cosmetic treatments that can greatly enhance and improve one’s smile. For example, discolored teeth can be made beautiful again with the help of teeth whitening and bleaching treatments. Any cavities and/or missing teeth can be filled up using tooth crowns and bridges, while cracks and chips in any tooth can be covered up via tooth veneers. A combination of any of these procedures is what is known as an extreme smile makeover treatment. Psychologists have long recognized the positive effects of a smile on other people, and a person with a great smile is perceived to be someone who is positive, trustworthy, and sociable. Often, a person who doesn’t smile a lot is someone who is unhappy with his or her teeth, as was the case with June Swenson before she received her smile makeove

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