Sunday, October 5, 2014

Extreme Makeover Dentist Restores Patients’ Nicotine-damaged Teeth

Unfortunately, the same agency says that about 42 million Americans are hooked on this habit, a figure that represents roughly 18 per cent of the population. On the upside, though, the CDC states that cigarette use is on a steady—albeit slow—decline. If you’re one of the people who successfully kicked the habit, then good for you! You’re well on your way to better health. Still, the years of smoking have left their indelible mark on your chompers, and as everyone knows, discolored or missing teeth can become a major source of insecurity for people. Thankfully, practices like Houston Smile Docs offer extreme smile makeover services that can restore your teeth to their pristine state.

Friday, October 3, 2014

When Your Skilled Gentle Dentist Brings Back your Lost Pearly Whites

Everyone who is of sound dental health may encounter problems with their teeth at some point despite the utmost prevention – or even disorders that also affect the teeth. Dentures are seen as a potential solution to cover the gaps and stop the decline of gum tissue and jawbone. If some signs do point to a need for having dentures fitted after a certain trying time in your life, trust your solution to a dental practice like Houston Smile Docs. The evaluations of your existing teeth set will often determine the viability of having a full or partial denture fitted. An attending prosthologist said the cancer treatments that Alex Hunter had warranted the immediate puling of all the teeth. The radiotherapy also prevented the development of his jawbone from reaching full adult size, which is evident from the sharp angle of the jaw and its asymmetry to the rest of his face.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Having Your Permanent Teeth Fixed through a Trusted Dentist in Houston

The unsightly appearance of teeth can also be a considerable barrier to landing a job right in Houston, Texas. H-town already has a bustling economy, but some human resources professionals have noted employers passing over a few wonderful prospects due to crooked teeth (out of business imaging concerns). If you’re an adult who’s long been rankled by the sight of your teeth ruining a sure thing, let dental practitioners like Drs. Randy and Isabelle Farmer, DDS of Houston Smile Docs help you find a solution. Consultations with your preferred dentist will uncover the problems besetting your teeth. The dentist who checked on Mathena said she had a bad case of bruxism, or teeth grinding, as a result of improper bites. This warranted the installation of new invisible braces after analyzing the teeth and determining how it would be arranged once the sets were properly aligned.