Saturday, August 30, 2014

Your Gentle Dentist can Restore Teeth, but Stay Tuned for Stem Cells!

"People also have some denture options to choose from like partial dentures (which cover a small portion of the jaw) and complete dentures (which completely cover the jaw). Dental implants may be more permanent, but they’re more expensive and sometimes impractical for replacing an entire row of damaged/missing teeth. In addition, people will have to lose a chunk of bone in their mouth in order accommodate dental implants. If their jawbones are too weak, then implants are simply not viable for them. That said, there are some things that people should also look out for if they wish to acquire dentures in Houston. For instance, these prosthetics need to be durable and easy to clean, because they can be a source of infection if they’re improperly made. In addition, human gums tend to lose their shape and structure with age, which means people will need another set of dentures as they grow older, though this might be fixed with stem cells in the future.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Dentist in Houston Recommends Dental Implant for Tooth Replacement

"Installing fixed dentures involves implantation. A dental implant made of titanium alloy is inserted and allowed to attach to the underlying bones to serve as an artificial tooth root. With a root to hold on to, the artificial tooth crown can perform as well as look just like a natural tooth. For cases that involves all the teeth on either the maxilla or mandible, a skilled Bellaire dentist from offices like Houston Smile Docs may recommend denture lock. This is a procedure that also involves implantation but for an entire set of teeth as opposed to individual installation. The whole set of teeth is held by a number of implants, making a typical denture just as permanent as fixed dentures.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Extreme Makeover Dentist and Night Guards Help in the Fight vs. Aging

The original function of night guards are not aesthetic-driven, however. It is primarily a tool dentists recommend to fight bruxism, or the repeated grinding and clenching of teeth, especially when sleeping. However, bruxism can contribute to the aging process as the grinding action can wear down teeth enamel and decrease the size of teeth, causing one of the most visible signs of aging. The typical night guard is like a mouthpiece, covering the entire set of teeth. However, some, like NTI, only cover a part of the teeth, particularly the incisors, which, along with the canines, are the most commonly subjected to the grinding action in bruxism. Several night guards are available over-the-counter, but specialized ones like NTI are available only from professionals, like a skilled extreme makeover dentist.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gentle Dentist Urges Routine Oral Care Practices for Dental Implants

Getting dental implants in Houston, TX doesn’t mean doing away with oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing. While your implants and artificial crowns are not prone to decay and infections, your gums are. A healthy mouth helps prevent bacteria from proliferating and attacking your gums, thus reducing the risk of implant failure. There is also another reason for you to keep brushing your teeth even after you’ve had your implants. It is called peri-implantitis, a condition that could afflict persons with dental implants. It is marked by an inflammation around the implant, and the slow deterioration of the jawbone supporting the implant.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Oral Care: Visit a Dentist in Houston and Do 60-Second Self-Checkups

In most cases, the only resolution to dental problems is an immediate visit to the dentist, which becomes a necessity as unbearable pain often comes with the condition. However, regular dental check-ups are even more important, as these help in identifying problems while still in their early stages, thus preventing the need for emergency dental visits. A proficient dentist in Houston like Randy L. Farmers, DDS may be called on both for treatment of a dental problem, as well as for preventative examinations. While regular dental visits are part of an effective oral care regimen, so are daily routines like brushing and flossing. Additionally, as alternative health writer Shubhra Krishan says in an article for, a quick, 60-second self-examination in front of the mirror should also be part of the regimen. Symptoms of a potentially bigger problem may be uncovered from this practice.