Saturday, August 30, 2014

Your Gentle Dentist can Restore Teeth, but Stay Tuned for Stem Cells!

"People also have some denture options to choose from like partial dentures (which cover a small portion of the jaw) and complete dentures (which completely cover the jaw). Dental implants may be more permanent, but they’re more expensive and sometimes impractical for replacing an entire row of damaged/missing teeth. In addition, people will have to lose a chunk of bone in their mouth in order accommodate dental implants. If their jawbones are too weak, then implants are simply not viable for them. That said, there are some things that people should also look out for if they wish to acquire dentures in Houston. For instance, these prosthetics need to be durable and easy to clean, because they can be a source of infection if they’re improperly made. In addition, human gums tend to lose their shape and structure with age, which means people will need another set of dentures as they grow older, though this might be fixed with stem cells in the future.

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