Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Feel Better About Yourself by Visiting an Extreme Makeover Dentist

It is this kind of mini-miracles that one can expect from an excellent extreme makeover dentist, like those who practice at Houston Smile Docs. These skilled dentists can perform a variety of orthodontic and cosmetic treatments that can greatly enhance and improve one’s smile. For example, discolored teeth can be made beautiful again with the help of teeth whitening and bleaching treatments. Any cavities and/or missing teeth can be filled up using tooth crowns and bridges, while cracks and chips in any tooth can be covered up via tooth veneers. A combination of any of these procedures is what is known as an extreme smile makeover treatment. Psychologists have long recognized the positive effects of a smile on other people, and a person with a great smile is perceived to be someone who is positive, trustworthy, and sociable. Often, a person who doesn’t smile a lot is someone who is unhappy with his or her teeth, as was the case with June Swenson before she received her smile makeove

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Gentle Dentist Can Put Patients at Ease When Restoring Missing Teeth

Getting dental implants sounds like a very daunting affair, as it involves surgically implanting a titanium root in a toothless spot along the jaw, then attaching artificial teeth to the implants. As with all surgeries, there will be discomfort involved, although patients can be assured that the right anesthetics will be used. While a dental implant may carry some risks, it also has a success rate of up to 98%, a fact that should help put patients’ minds at ease. Additionally, it is important to choose highly-qualified dentists so that one can have the confidence that they are in good hands. Excellent dental implants in Houston, TX are done by skilled professionals, such as those who practice at Houston Smile Docs, who have undergone long periods of studies and training in dental implant procedures. By going to the right practice, half the battle with dental fear and anxiety has already been won.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Options for Teeth Replacement Courtesy of a Trusted Dentist in Houston

Fortunately, people with missing teeth have a way of preventing their condition from worsening. They can consult with a reliable dentist in Houston who can enlighten them on teeth replacement options, including dentures and dental implants. Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth that employ suction for attachment. Meanwhile, dental implants are titanium posts that serve as the foundation for the replacement teeth (crowns) which are patterned after the appearance and type of the patients' natural teeth. Mark Newey describes dental implants as follows: Along with longevity, dental implants can be installed without destroying or sacrificing adjacent teeth. Other methods may require taking out an adjacent tooth for a bridge. Be it one tooth or several teeth, dental implants are definitely the preferred method of replacing missing teeth. Dental implants offer more advantages than traditional dentures, especially to a person’s oral digestion.