Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Gentle Dentist Can Put Patients at Ease When Restoring Missing Teeth

Getting dental implants sounds like a very daunting affair, as it involves surgically implanting a titanium root in a toothless spot along the jaw, then attaching artificial teeth to the implants. As with all surgeries, there will be discomfort involved, although patients can be assured that the right anesthetics will be used. While a dental implant may carry some risks, it also has a success rate of up to 98%, a fact that should help put patients’ minds at ease. Additionally, it is important to choose highly-qualified dentists so that one can have the confidence that they are in good hands. Excellent dental implants in Houston, TX are done by skilled professionals, such as those who practice at Houston Smile Docs, who have undergone long periods of studies and training in dental implant procedures. By going to the right practice, half the battle with dental fear and anxiety has already been won.

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