Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ear to Ear: A Trusted Extreme Makeover Dentist Can Brighten Any Smile

For years, famous celebrities and models have used cosmetic dentistry to attain that killer smile that captivates people worldwide. Luckily, for regular people, cosmetic dental procedures have now been made affordable, allowing everyone to benefit from an improved smile. Adjustments can be made to the color or shape of teeth; however, some people have very poor oral health either due to neglect or genetics, but fortunately, they can turn to the services of a reliable extreme makeover dentist, such as Drs. Randy and Isabelle Farmer of Houston Smile Docs.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Houston, TX Gentle Dentists: A Ticket to Entering Military Service

Despite the fact that this is no longer necessary today, good dental health is still mandatory in the U.S. military. You can be disqualified from service if you have missing or poor teeth, as the military believes you won't be able to eat a proper diet, and since soldiers need to be superbly fit and healthy, this is a very practical requirement. Fortunately, the army has no issue with artificial teeth so a few dental implants from Houston, TX clinics like Houston Smile Docs should be a priority before deciding to enlist.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Preventing Tooth Damage and Loss with a Capable Dentist in Houston

Losing a tooth leaves a ghastly gap or a horribly rotted stump if left unattended. It's very easy to destroy teeth with a sugar-laden diet that aggravates bacterial activity, which in turn eats away the precious enamel that protects the roots. It's a good thing that locals can visit a reliable dentist in Houston like Houston Smile Docs to treat all their oral health issues. While these issues might seem trivial to some, conditions like tooth decay can turn into medical nightmares. The rotten parts can infect the gums, causing periodontal disease, which can induce many symptoms such as bleeding, inflammation, and even impairment in memory and calculation among the elderly. Worse yet, if harmful bacteria enters the bloodstream from the gums, it can even lead to severe diseases like heart attack or stroke.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Leave a Great First Impression with Help from a Trusted Gentle Dentist

"While the article focuses on the experiences of women in the UK, women elsewhere (such as Houston, for instance) can probably relate to the various points raised. Women who are out on a first date in some of Houston's favorite romantic spots, like the Burke Baker Planetarium or the Kemah Boardwalk, can consider consulting a reliable Gentle dentist to find out how they can get that perfect smile. A perfect smile looks clean and healthy, with bright, natural teeth. Women with spotty or discolored teeth typically may not feel confident and are, thus, reluctant to smile. Fortunately, dependable dentists from practices like Houston Smile Docs can transform less than perfect gnashers into gleaming pearly-whites through quality teeth whitening services."

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Let a Dentist in Houston Improve Your Smile and Lift Your Spirits

"All of the subjects were asked to perform stress-inducing tasks such as immersing their hands in ice water while their heart rates were monitored. Most Houston locals are certainly no strangers to stress, which is part of their everyday lives. Those who feel that stress is taking its toll on their well-being may want to visit to a trusted dentist in Houston to improve their smiles and feel more confident. Smiling lights up your face and makes it easier to maintain a positive disposition. To get that million dollar-smile you’ve always wanted, you might want to consult a qualified dentist from practices like Houston Smile Docs."