Thursday, October 24, 2013

Preventing Tooth Damage and Loss with a Capable Dentist in Houston

Losing a tooth leaves a ghastly gap or a horribly rotted stump if left unattended. It's very easy to destroy teeth with a sugar-laden diet that aggravates bacterial activity, which in turn eats away the precious enamel that protects the roots. It's a good thing that locals can visit a reliable dentist in Houston like Houston Smile Docs to treat all their oral health issues. While these issues might seem trivial to some, conditions like tooth decay can turn into medical nightmares. The rotten parts can infect the gums, causing periodontal disease, which can induce many symptoms such as bleeding, inflammation, and even impairment in memory and calculation among the elderly. Worse yet, if harmful bacteria enters the bloodstream from the gums, it can even lead to severe diseases like heart attack or stroke.

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