Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gentle Dentist Team from Houston Champions Innovative Denture Process

The gentle dentist husband-and-wife team of Dr. Randy Farmer and Dr. Isabelle Farmer are championing the dental innovation called the Strickland Facelift DenturesTM, which are available at their practice, Houston Smile Docs. Together with denture wearers, the dentists believe that comfort, durability, and appearance are top priorities when selecting teeth replacements. There is a rapidly growing number of Americans wearing dentures, according to a Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry study led by CW Douglass. There were 35.4 million denture wearers in 2002 – about 17% of the US population. The study projects an increase to 37.9 million wearers by 2020. Even though there was a 10% decline in edentulism (total tooth loss) over the past 30 years, an estimated 79% increase in the adult population older than 55 years old will offset the downturn.

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