Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dental Implants in Houston, TX: Vital Postoperative Care Instructions

Dental implants in Houston, TX typically need several months to fuse with the jawbone before bridges or dentures can be affixed to them. The first 7 days after implant surgery are crucial, so be sure to observe proper oral hygiene and stick to a soft food diet during this period. To this end, an article on LIVESTRONG cites dairy products, fish and eggs, mashed vegetables, pureed fruits, and cooked grains like rice and oatmeal as tasty and nutritious dietary options.
Likewise, make it a priority to see your dentist on your scheduled checkup dates. Meanwhile, you can consult a Houston-based gentle dentist— like Dr. Isabelle Farmer or Dr. Randy Farmer of Houston Smile Docs— to see whether dental implants are indeed the appropriate tooth loss solution for you.

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