Thursday, January 16, 2014

Adults Emotionally Stifled By Tooth Loss Need Extreme Makeover Dentist

Newcastle University research facilitator Dr. Nicolette Rousseau stated that tooth loss is not normally taken as seriously as needing a knee replacement. Yet, it was clear that people are affected deeply by tooth loss and experience distress over others' expectations.

Tooth loss hampers an adult's normal daily life. Some people may experience difficulty in chewing and most are inhibited from making social interactions because they find it hard to speak clearly. They also endure being made fun of by other people's jokes about being toothless. Most of all, adults suffering from tooth loss have low self-confidence to face the world.

All is not lost though. Those who want to overcome the biggest obstacle of their life so far should consult an extreme makeover dentist who not only thinks solely about oral health but also about the patient's holistic wellness. The dentist can help get back their youthful, confident smiles by fitting extreme makeover dentures, which will enable them to feel brand new and to start a more hopeful and more radiant future.

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