Friday, November 15, 2013

Extreme Makeover Dentist Offers Good Alternative to Standard Implants

In the event that all of a person's teeth is already missing, it is best to consult with an extreme makeover dentist to determine how to replace the entire set. Some jaws might not have enough bone to support roots for each individual replacement tooth, so other options may be explored. Practices like Houston Smile Docs, for instance, offer Denture-Lock as an alternative to standard dental implants and a viable option for those who want an extreme smile makeover. When they determine that the amount of bone is not enough to support implants for a complete set of missing teeth, they recommend Denture-Lock, a custom-fitted denture that is permanently placed on the gums with the help of a limited number of titanium screws. This allows the individual to have a complete set of teeth without the need for many screws, but still have a substantial amount of “roots” to stabilize the jaw bone.

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